Technology Application

The ATL Li-ion battery product family includes high energy density, high power, fast charge and arbitrary-shaped cells and so on. To cope with or even lead the market demand, we have developed various types of li-ion battery cells to meet the needs of many different consumer electronics devices.

High Energy Density

The energy density of cells is what determines the standby time and single charge range of such essential devices as mobile phones, laptops and tablet PCs. This is why the ATL's R&D team focuses relentlessly on the development of lithium-ion battery systems with ever higher energy density. It's by combining these systems with our customized designs across various platforms that we are able to produce these world leading batteries. As power density multiplies and battery size shrinks, the readier the world will be to take on the ever lighter and slimmer demands of smart products. Light as always, powerful like never.

High Power

ATL is the pioneer in High-power lithium cell technology, which is used extensively in consumer electronics. Thanks to features such as their excellent power density, perfect cell temperature control, ultra high power discharge and longer cycles, ATL cells empower manufacturers to make terminals that are lighter, more powerful and extremely durable.


Fast charge has become an essential requirement in smart hardware development, something we have known for a while. As early as 2003, we applied fast charge technology to MP3 players. 2013, we were one of the first to bring fast charge batteries to smartphones. We now supply most of the fast charge cells currently powering many of the consumer electronic devices you use every day.

Leveraging its 13-year experience in the development of fast charge cells, ATL recently introduced the 5C super-fast charge cell. This revolutionary product can get up to an 80% charge in just 10 minutes, increases charging speed by a factor of 7x when compared with conventional cells, and 3.3x over 1.5C fast charge cells currently on the market. Moreover, these safe and reliable ATL 5C super-fast charge cells have a life cycle of 800 times.

Arbitrary Shaped Cell

Life is only going to get smarter. Thanks to mankind's many unthinkable technological feats, AR/VR and wearable devices are making a big leap in the market replacing traditional ones. As smart new gadgets from watches to headsets take on increasingly irregular forms, ATL's Arbitrary Shaped Cell (ASC) have become the most sought-after batteries in the smart and virtual world. With ASC's flexibility in form, customizability in design and precision in production, tech makers no longer need to worry about holes, depressions, steps, slots and chamfers designing their next new toy. If you can think it, we can make it!