Social Responsibility

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at ATL means aligning our business practices with the needs of society while protecting the environment. Our philosophy is articulated in a code of conduct that is to be strictly followed by all employees. We frequently review and update our CSR policies as we seek to constantly improve our social, environmental, and governance practices.

Code of Conduct

At ATL, all our colleagues will:

  • Provide excellent products and services and maintain product safety
  • Cultivate good relationships with customers, suppliers and partners
  • Maintain and promote fair competition
  • Respect intellectual property
  • Avoid conflicts of interests
  • Protect commercial confidentiality
  • Conduct fair transactions
  • Protect ATL assets and property and ensure proper usage
  • Undertake responsible mineral procurement

Circular Economy

ATL has adopted a circular economy model for its operations as a way to reduce waste and protect the environment. This holistic ecosystem applies to the totality of our operations, from lithium-ion batteries' R&D to our manufacturing system. ATL also owns the core technology of raw materials, cells, battery systems and battery recycling.

Green Production

At ATL, we aim to achieve a complete green production process. We strictly monitor the treatment of wastewater through a sewage treatment station, and the solid waste can be recycled. We are committed to:

  • Green products
  • Material safety
  • Compliance with EU's ROHS
  • Zero danger and waste in batch production
  • Controllable discharge of waste water
  • No high energy consumption
  • Low carbon emissions

Occupational Health and Safety System

ATL has created a garden-like factory, and established a reliable system of occupational safety and health for all employees.

  • The company's professional EHS team has proactively participated in the international standard and industry standard setting.
  • The company has obtained 18 patents for safety technology and 3 for environmental protection.
  • ATL's innovation of GSM alarm system for fire water status monitoring and simulation software for smoke extraction optimization has gained the company capability of rapid response to emergency.
  • The company has achieved full safety environment without major hazard, reached the world's advanced level of work accidents per million and realized zero occupational disease occurrence.
  • The factory green coverage is up to 30%

Carbon Neutrality

ATL actively takes measures to address climate change and promotes green, low-carbon development.

Goal: By 2035, reduction of CO2 emission intensity by 50%; By 2050, achieve carbon neutrality across the value Chain.

  • ATL-Carbon Neutrality Strategic Committee & Promoting Team
  • Carbon Emission Management System
  • Carbon reduction throughout the entire lifecycle of a product (raw material, manufacture, transportation, disposal)
  • ISO 14064 & 14067 verification of greenhouse gas
  • Preparing standards related to carbon footprint and emission reduction methodology: T/SPSTS 038, T/SPSTS 039