• Cell Form-factors
  • Consumer Electronics Application
  • Electrical Vehicle Application
  • Energy Storage Application
  • Chemistries
  • ATL supplies lithium ion/polymer cells in different form factors. The following information assists you in differentiating different types of form-factors and enables you to select the right choice for your needs.

    Prismatic Cells – generally large capacity (>20 Ah) sturdy cells designed at electric vehicle or electricity energy storage applications. It features lithium iron phosphate chemistry for exceptional cycle life and calendar life. It is available in designs optimized for either high energy density or high power density.

    Cylindrical Cells – industrial standard 18650 cell form factor which is widely used in ordinary laptop PC or cordless power tools applications. ATL offers industry leading specification and performance, with optional ATL unique features fast charge capability or ultra-long cycle life. It is available in designs optimized for either high energy density or high power density.

    Polymer Cells – the latest trend in lithium battery used in consumer electronic products and IT gadgets. It is flexible in foot print and capacity, customers can participate to design the unique battery most fitting its own application. Furthermore, it is light way and low profile, perfect for trendy thin design of laptop or tablet PCs. Optional ATL unique features like fast charge capability or ultra-long cycle life are also available.

      Prismatic Cell Cylindrical Cells Polymer Cells
    Main Applications Electric Vehicles,
    Energy Storage
    Consumer Electronics,
    Laptop PC,
    Cordless Power Tools
    Consumer Electronics,
    IT Gadgets
    Standard Item .Standard Standard Flexible, customizable
    Capacity >20 Ah Industrial standard <5 Ah
    High Energy Density Available Available Available
    High Power Density Available Available On Special Request
    Fast Charge Capability On Special Request Available Available
    Ultra-long Cycle Life Available Available Available


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